Data processing options

Dozens of issued tax documents are created daily in the HotelTime system. Within the application, there are lists of documents that sort documents by type, posting or for VAT purposes.

  • process manually
  • RECOMENDED process automatically - exports of accounting batches (downloading batches via a web service or manually using our application)

A batch can be exported from the system daily or monthly for processing in the target accounting software. If you have one, exporting accounting data from the HotelTime system will save you a lot of work. At the HotelTime level, flags can be set, which will then help in importing the data into the target accounting software for their correct classification.

HotelTime 4.3.13 and higher offers a general format for exporting accounting data. This batch includes all documents issued by frequency and cash register movements. In most cases, it is necessary to create a conversion bridge for data processing. For more information on automatic exports, please do not hesitate to contact customer support (

Reports in HotelTime for accounting purposes

  • Accounting report
  • Payments journal
  • Books of various invoice types (Invoices, Hotel accounts, Deposits, Correction invoices, Retail, Accounts payable, Proforma invoices, Gift certificates)
  • Overviews - Deposit and GC ledger, Accounts receivable ledger, Revenue by document, Hotel accounts Post masters - open
  • Cash journals
  • Curency exchange journal

You can find a substantial part of the reports mentioned above in the main menu tab Accounting.

User operations on documents

There is a user right for almost every operation on the document, if you need to guide the user in the operations performed, it is advisable to start with user rights.

If document exports are enabled, the documents are systemically locked according to the frequency to the user right. Thus, if the user does not have the right to Exported documents edit, then he cannot change the data that was exported.

In this case, the options for editing documents are limited, so you can cancel the document (a Correction invoice is created) or you can cancel payments (the opposite movement is created in cash journal) and enter a new payment (a cash journal movement is created). These operations will be included in the next data export.

If the user creates the invoice manually, then the items on the document lack revenue in terms of Revenue centers analysis reports. Such documents and documents on which there are differences from the hotel's revenue by center can be viewed in the Revenue by document report - in the main menu tab Accounting - Overviews - Revenue by document.

Revenue centers analysis express the volume of services drawn according to the date of the service (from reservations, from permanent accounts, from an external system, etc.). The report is most often used to express the total sales of the establishment.

Document control

For accountants, we recommend creating access to the HotelTime application to check data directly in the application. Each document has a Document history, where we log individual user operations, so it is possible to better target the query for the document to the user who performed the operation.

Trial Balance method

It is a control report that is primarily used in large hotels or international hotel chains for a comprehensive view of financial coverage of revenue. At the customer's request, this method can be activated in HotelTime and thus achieved for comparison according to the general equation:

Payments + City ledger + Guest ledger - Deposits - Future revenue = Revenue

For the purposes of active Trial Balance, a set of restrictions is applied at the HotelTime system level for user operations that could cause a mismatch in the calculation.