The Meal plan by reservation report is one of the three meal plan reports in the HotelTime system. You can find it via the main menu tab Reporting - Meal plan. It will provide you a detailed overview of the number of breakfasts, lunches and dinners sorted by reservation number and grouped by days. The report also shows the ordered type of board, the set price per person, a note from the reservation detail and the partner name.

You can find more about the Meal plan overview report here.

You can find more about the Meal plan by room report here.

The report provides you data in the future and also in the past and it is possible to filter the data according to the state of the reservation, or split it by the Group name instead of the reservation number. Export to Excel is a matter of course.

You can use the Meal plan by reserervation report when planning the supply of the restaurant and the operation of F&B and also at the hotel reception. 

Data source: The data are loaded into the statistics from the reservations created in the system, regardless of the status of the reservation.