In order to be able to assign the reservation to room and employee, they must be available.

You can easily open or close their availability via Settings.

You can find the Employees availability settings via the tab Settings - Employees - Availability setting.

Select a time range to change the availability.

The Time interval adjusts the availability only at selected time interval.

  • Example: from 1.1. 15:00 to 31.1. 16:00 time interval changes availability every day from 1.1. to 31.1. only between 15:00 and 16:00.

Limit to working hours option will change the availability between the specified dates only within the opening hours of the branch without a need to filling the time details. 

Select the employees.

Tip: You can select multiple employees by holding the CTRL key.

Choose whether you want to close or open the availability.

Rooms availability can be changed via Settings - Rooms - Availability setting.

Proceed in the same way as for employees.

Also see the video guides below:

Employee availability

Rooms availabilities