What is it about?

Crosslogin allows you to quickly switch between our systems without the need for additional logins.

In addition you will be able to see more Libero/Vento account details from HotelTime and to create a new Libero reservation directly from the HotelTime reservation.



Do you have your HotelTime and Vento connected together? Or HotelTime and Libero? Or Vento with Libero? Then we can pair the applications together. This will allow you to quickly switch directly from one system to another. You won't have to think about the URL and login details, which will definitely save you a lot of such important time. In addition, it is possible to activate the external account detail, which means that you will be able to see more details of the account transferred from Vento/Libero to the guest's account in HotelTime. And if you run the hotel together with the wellness, you can quickly make a reservation for the guest, for example to the sauna, directly from HotelTime. Reservations will then be linked and you can easily switch between them.

How does it work?

system switching, available systems are not grayed out

you can see the details of an external account by clicking on the item name 

from HotelTime it is possible to create a reservation directly to Libero and easily switch between them

How can I activate it?

The feature can be activated by customer support, so please contact us with an authorized request for activation. We will link the applications for you and then you will be able to set your login details. But no worries, it's nothing complicated.

    1. Go to the current user's settings. You can find it in the main menu under the Settings tab. 

    2. In the right toolbar, click on Generate a pairing code. From now on, you have 2 minutes to 
        finish the pairing. 

    3. Open the system you want to connect. In it, open the settings of the current user again, as 
        described in point 1. 

    4. In the right toolbar, select Add login into external application, select the Pairing code type, 
        select the application from which the pairing code is generated and insert it. Click 
        Link application to save the settings. 

Related user rights: Linked applications and External accounts detail.


You can also link applications without using the pairing code. In this case, go directly to the system you want to connect, select Add login into external application, type Login, select the application and enter your login details for the selected application.

If you have more establishments and you are switching between them in the chain, crosslogin can be set only for your home application, ie for the one in which your user is created.

You can also link the applications for other users. In the list of users you will find pictograms for generating a code and adding a login.