New features have been added to Libero that allow you to:

  1. Import custom numbers and certificate PINs through customer support.
  2. Share the same set of gift certificates across multiple establishments. 
  3. A PIN can be now generated for gift certificates.
  4. New settings have been added for the online certificate folder by payment type.

If you sell gift certificates online and at the same time gift certificate is manually created in the system, remember that until the certificate is saved, its number and PIN may change. Namely, during the time when you create a new certificate, another may arise in the meantime. The guaranteed PIN and certificate number is displayed after the certificate is created.

For establishments that use the online sales of gift certificates and want to centralize sales from all establishments, it is necessary to set:

General settings tab in the main menu Settings - System - Settings

1. Certificates require PIN: 4 numbers
2. Vouchers - pre-set numbers and PIN: picked

On-line Set-up tab in the main menu Settings - System - Settings

1. Certificates cash on delivery folder: on-line
2. Cerificates card online folder: --- by application ---