This management report provides a quick overview of the hotel's on-line payments within the HotelTime (HT) system (Adyen or Total Processing payment gateway statistics). They also include automatic pre-authorisations and payments if you have the Automatic Billing module enabled. Card transactions at the physical payment terminal at the front desk are not included in the report. 

The Billing Dashboard can be found via the left menu - Sales - Billing Dashboard. 

To view this report, the user must have user rights "Billing Dashboard". 

At the top of the report we can see the status of today's on-line paymentsFor the rest of the report, it is possible to define the displayed data according to the time range (this monthlast monthrange from - to). The range can be set up to a maximum of 365 days. By default, we view payment status for this month. 

How far back the data can be viewed depends on the type of payment gateway and when it was integrated. 

Focusing on the individual components of the dashboard, the pie charts show the number of tokenized payment cards (physical and/or virtual) in the HT system today and during the specified period.  

Next to it, we see the amount of on-line payments in primary and secondary currency, the number of payments and the average payment amount. In the same way, information of pre-authorized payment cards and on-line refunds are displayed. 

The bar charts show the amount of on-line payments and refunds made on each day, week or month  of the specified period. Each bar chart displays transactions in one currency only. 


Hover over the question mark to display the chart tooltip. Charts are interactive and individual chart items can be filtered.


The report updates every 15 minutes. The last time the report was updated is displayed under the heading.