This report gives information about the amount of operations performed in case you have an active Concierge module with online check-in or active sending of email campaigns from HT (booking confirmation, pre-arrival email, post check-in, etc.)

Functions of Concierge modul automate some processes and thus saves the work of the front office staff on the one hand and optimizes staff costs on the other hand. If you do not have an active Concierge module with online check-in, please contact your sales representative.

The Dashboard can be found via the left menu - Concierge - Concierge Dashboard.

In the statistics of sent emails we only log the actual sent emails.

This data is generated from rls 2.2.2023 - earlier data cannot be traced.

Pie charts show data from today and by default also the status in the current month.

The filter allows you to switch between displaying data for this month, last month or a range from - to, which can be set to a maximum of 365 days.

The bar charts show the progress of automatic Concierge functions in each day, week or month of the specified period.

Hover over the question mark to see the chart tooltip.

The report updates every 15 minutes. The time of the last report update is displayed under the heading.