Hoteltime connection with channel manager (like Siteminder, D-edge...) allows you to control prices of your property directly in HotelTime. In this article, we will look into this topic. 

If there is a price change in the price list within HotelTime, whether it is changed manually or by modification from RMS (e.g. Atomize or HSDS), then the updated prices will be sent to the given channel manager asap. The latter then sends this information to the specific sales channels you use (e.g. Booking, Expedia). So the price change takes some time to fully take effect, but it all happens within minutes.

If you decide to synchronize prices from HT, you need to contact HotelTime customer support as well as channel manager support to make the change on both sides 

If you ever find a difference between prices in HotelTime and in channel manager, you can use manual update. Go to Settings – Queues – Channel Manager synchronization. Click on Resynchronization. Choose rate ccodes that you wish to update and click on Add to queue. The new information will be added to the queue and it will be sent within next ten minutes. Then it will disappear from the queue, which will be empty again.

A big advantage of this connection is the possibility to fully use the RMS systems (for example Atomize), which then independently, according to the set preferences, appropriately adjust the sales prices depending on many factors. This will allow you to sell the room at the current best possible price and thus increase the sales of the establishment! The prices are always up-to-date on individual sales channels and always take into account, for example, the currently available number of rooms.

TIP! See how manual interventions in the reservation can affect other automatic edits.