The booking did not go through to Hoteltime and an email was sent with the message "Booking.TotalPrice is not equal to sum of Room.Prices and Room.Extras". 

So what does this mean and what to do?

Booking Total Price is not equal to sum of Room Prices and Room Extras means that the final price for the booking does not match the sum of the prices for each night plus extras. Most of the time, the differences are a few hundredths of a percent, but the system still can't tell which price is correct. In this case, the reservation will not be saved. 

For example:


            <stay from="2024-02-10" to="2024-02-11" quantity="1" unitPrice="83.09" 

            <stay from="2024-02-11" to="2024-02-12" quantity="1" unitPrice="65.75"

            <stay from="2024-02-12" to="2024-02-13" quantity="1" unitPrice="54.19" 

Total Amount is 203,0200 EUR.

However, the total price per night is 203,03 EUR.

How to proceed?

1. Contact the D-Edge channel manager to check the rates and resend the booking to Hoteltime.

2. Based on the approval from the contract contact we keep for each hotel, the settings can be adjusted in Hoteltime. So that the system saves reservations based on unit price only and ignores Total Amount. In this case, the final price for the booking would only be the sum of the nightly price plus the price of extras.

In case we make the deactivation, we cannot guarantee the consistency of the prices received for bookings from CHMS in HT. In case there is a reservation with a wrong price in HT, you should contact D-Edge support.