HotelTime allows automatic creation of Deposit invoices for external reservations (from channel manager). 

To have this function activated, please contact your sales representative. 

For the Deposit invoice to be created, reservations from channel manager (Bookolo, Siteminder...) has to contain specific information about prepayment created, including amount and payment method of the prepayment. 

 The Desposit invoice gets created only when this information is sent to HotelTime with new reservation. If the information about prepayment made is sent with a modification of existing reservation, the Deposit invoice will not be created. 

You can filter these automatic Deposit invoices in Deposit invoice list, for example by user. They will be created by the same user as external reservations. 

 If a reservation with this Deposit invoice is cancelled, the Invoice is not affected. You can still find it in Deposit invoice list or in Cancelled reservations list in Advance Payments/Proforms section.