This tool allows user to split room(s) from the existing reservation and create a new reservation(s).

  • Split selected rooms into single reservations (1 room: 1 reservation)
  • Split selected rooms from existing reservation and create separate group reservation

How to split the reservation?

1. Open Reservation detail - Menu - select Split on single reservations.

2. Select rooms, you want to split, by ticking required rooms one by one or press Select all/ Deselect all.

3. Please take care during this step, as the process of merging incorrectly split rooms can be complicated.

To split selected rooms to separate individual reservations (1 room = 1 reservation) - select Single reservation (single)

To split selected rooms and created a new group reservation, select One reservation

4. To complete splitting, click Split reservation.


Useful tip: if the reservation is split by mistake, you can reverse it by reservations merge - open at reservation detail - Menu --> Link with other reservation.