HotelTime offers a useful overview of all advance payments (Deposit invoices and Gift vouchers) that have not yet been used to settle accounts.

The report is available form the main menu through Accounting --> Overviews --> Deposit and GC ledger

Available filters:

  • Invoice for book year: year, which deposit invoice was issued in (some current reservations can be linked-to deposit invoices issued in the previous year)
  • Filter by document type: Deposit Invoice or Gift certificate
  • Invoice number: If you have a specific reference number of the document
  • Customer: Name of the guest/reservation owner, deposit invoice was issued to
  • Invoice status: to widen your search use (all)
  • Display:
    • Linked to cancelled accounts
    • Linked to active accounts
    • Without link



The overview enables you to:

- open Deposit Invoice or Gift certificate by clicking on the invoice number

- check the column Connected to and see if the deposit is linked to reservation or post master. You can open the respective reservation/post master by clicking on the link in the column.


Useful tip: Search for unlinked deposit invoices and invoices linked to cancelled accounts regularly as they might need to be accounted for either through a refund or settlement of cancellation/no-show charges. 

It is a good practice to use Note (Text on the invoice) to record information about deposit (notes for future stay etc...).