4.2.32 HotelTime

Released are the following new features:

Extension of CRM PostCheckIn functionality.

The manager report has been extended by a section of services grouped by system type (Board, Accommodation, Charges, Other) and raster type.

In documents book (invoices, closed hotel accounts) was added pages to show you results in pages.

We have modified the default time window for displaying tax documents to 7 days back.

Room assignment - filter for rooms without Day use

Shortening of historical calls loading to a maximum of 3 days back, cleaning and minibars can be done via the telephone exchange only on the same hotel day.

The Booking Detail and the Room Detail show the conversion of the total amount to pay the hotel bill into the second currency.

Added PDF template of Hotel Account Preview containing conversion of individual items and total price to the second currency.

Display the name of the guest in the search for a reservation by the guest.

Added filter to accounting report for payment currency, this was applied also to List of payments.

The account name can be displayed on the PDF invoice.

We’ve also made changes that affect users who often use the back button (arrow) in their browser. We reduce the number of windows you can undo. If you exceed the history, the system returns you to the home page - Reception.

We would also like to remind you that only 1 active browser window is recommended in HotelTime. Working in multiple windows can cause problems. Using the Back button for operations performed on the system is not recommended.