4.2.35 HotelTime

Here are new updates:

Set RateCode to enable Kiosk API - we are preparing for you online check-in forms

CRM Data (Created, PreStay, PostCheckin) extended with KioskAPI key in reservation header

We are expanding reservation reporting exports with KioskAPI - an application for online check-in.

We have added a payment currency filter to the accounting report.

We have adjusted the top bar view to the time zone of the application region.

Forecast Combined extended filter with RateCode parameter.

We add the option of Account accommodation item selection to the settings - especially appreciated by customers who want to split Day use revenues from classic accommodation.

In editing RateCode for ChannelManagerSystem you will now find the option to define a service (item), that will appear on hotel account.

We also add a default parameter for the Estimated method of payment to RateCode detail.

We've added the store name to the Trial Balance, Posting Report, and Open Hotel Accounts lists.

In the Partner Revenue detail, we added information to the columns - amounts without VAT.

Newly we divide the permission to edit the profile name from the address book to "Change surname" and "Change company name". This allows users to retain the right to edit the guest and at the same time prevent the editing of the name of sellers and companies.

We have modified the display of the assigned and booked room type in the group detail to better distinguish where there are differences between the booked type and assigned room type.

We copy the order number to items that have been invoiced or moved to a paymaster.

We launch online card payments for the test mode. You can look forward to billings from HotelTime online by credit card.