To create a reservation in HotelTime select:

  • Create reservation Tab in the top section of the room plan
  • New reservation button from the Main menu
  • Empty cell from the room plan

Step 1.

Fill in the parameters:

  • Reservation dates from/to
  • Currency - determines the currency of the account
  • RateCode - the system will list valid RateCodes in the chosen currency.

Tip: Do you want to reserve more than 1 room? Fill in the number of rooms for individual room types. The system will automatically assign available rooms in the next step.

Step 2.

Fill in the following information:

  • Partner/Guest - returning guest? Use the magnifying glass to search for the profile.
  • Required parameters of the reservations
  • Add the number of guests for each room
  • Select Create Reservation

Tip: Are you making a reservation with the special rate? Set it up in the step 2. from by selecting option Individual rates.