Meal plan can be changed directly from Reservation detail as follows:

  • Reservation Detail - Board Menu - Edit board (with reservation price change)
  • Reservation Detail - Board Menu - Change board (without reservation price change)

Useful tip: Edit/Change meal plan function, available in Room detail, amends meal plan for that particular room.

Edit/Change meal plan as follows:

1. In the Reservation detail, section Board select MENU - Edit/Change board.

2. Use filters to generate list of rooms you would like to amend. To display all select Find.

3. Select Meal plan you would like to change to by selecting it from the top right panel (selected meal plan is highlighted red).

Tip: Requested meal plan isn't listed? Check Rate Code settings, Main menu - Settings - Rates - Rate Codes - in the Rate Code open the Board settings detail from top right panel.

4. Edit/Change meal plan for selected dates / rooms:

  • for all rooms and full duration of the stay - select top left corner outlined cell of the grid
  • for all rooms, for 1 day - select top outlined column cell of the grid under required date
  • for one room and full duration of the stay - select first outlined cell in the left section of the grid in the row of the required room
  • for one room and single/multiple days - select cell without outline in the respective column and row

5. Click Save / Save and back to save meal plan changes.