Is it your guest asking for cash to pay taxi or flowers? You can help him immediately with cash paid-out.

Here are few steps to create hotel service for Paid-out and add Paid-out on guest account.

You can charge paid-out via:

- Hotel account (reservation/guest account)

- Post master account

- Retail (system posts amount without commission regardless of paid-out settings)

Set up your paid-out service:

1. Click on Settings - Application - Product and services - hotel

2. Click on New item buttom

3. As you can see on the picture, create your service. 

There can be Paid out commission that will increase total amount and guest will pay you on check-out.


Guest needs 20GBP to pay flowers, you will paid him out 20 GBP. On guest account will appear 22GBP, 2 GBP as commission for cash withdrawal.

How to process Paid-out:

1. Open Hotel/Outlet account or Retail mode

2. Just add item Paid-out and fill up amount, you are giving to guest, commission will be added automaticly.

3. If you need to print out the receipt for cash withdrawal transaction, select Sales --> Cash journal --> respective Journal. The most recent transaction will appear on the top of the list, to obtain receipt select print in the required row.



Please note, if your property uses 2 currencies, establish parameters of the Paid-out service with your accounts department. The service can be set up to record cash withdrawal in a single currency only or the currency of Paid-out transaction will depend on the currency of hotel account (the currency of the account directly affects, which journal the cash is withdrawn from)