You can create and design your own Confirmation letter or Visa confirmation letter. There can be multiple confirmation letters, what are you sending to customer before arrival date. 

If you are interested in Pre-Stay, Post-Stay, Post-Checkin and Birthday email - this feature can be set up in your CRM modul. Please contact customer support department to assist you.

These letters are generating Guest and Reservation details in word/html document, that you can send to Guests or Travel agent.

How to generate a confirmation letter?

Open Reservations Detail and select Menu --> Confirmation letter (Display)

The application will generate a confirmation letter and saves it to your computer Download file. If the application uses XML format, users are able to amend the content of the confirmation letter.

Top tip: When generating confirmation letters in XML format, It is a good practice to save the file as PDF, as this will prevent the guest from amending any details in the document.

HTML template