Guest is leaving today and is it earlier than expected departure day? You can continue with early check out.

If guest is leaving tomorrow please continue with Edit stay dates.

How to check-out the room today before the day of departure?

1. Open the Room detail and select Check-out

2. The system will warn you that the Check-out is prior to the departure date. If you want to continue press Early Check-out otherwise select cross.

3. In the following step you can either:

a. Do not chare unoccupied nights - in case you are waiving the price of remaining nights

b. Charge unoccupied nights - in case you are charging guest for remaining nights.

c. Have you selected early check-out in error? - select cross in the top right-hand side corner of the pop-up window

4. The system will open the Settlement page. For more information please see the Account settlement.

Please note, the Early check-out function is not available on the day of arrival. In such instances, please reverse check-in (Room detail Menu - select Confirm room). Cancel the reservation and create a new Day Use reservation.