Do you want discount /correct items on reservation to be settled? 

! Please note, all items corrections and discounts are affecting system reports (RevPar etc.). 

There are 2 ways, how to modify the prices to be settled.


1. Modify items in future / add correction item.  

You can change items only in future. In system is daily running Night Audit, that locks all history. 

Modify items in future - click on Folder icon.

Add correction item - click on Menu - Post item.

Note: List of items come from Hotel Services (Settings - Application - Product and Services hotel)

In the system can be restriction on your user rights to post negative or null items. 

2. Apply a percentage discount.

Applied discount will reflect split in revenue, so you can easy discount whole accommodation package (accommodation, mealplan, taxes, packages). 

Discount will create new items according to split and revenue centres.

You cannot edit or cancel the discount item.

On reservation / room detail

1. Open room or reservation detail, Reservation/Guest account Menu --> Apply Discount

2. Select Item you want to apply a discount to.

3. Fill in percentage rate and reason for a discount.

4. Press Apply discount.

From settlement step

1. Reservation/Guest account Menu --> Settlement

2. Select Apply Discount

3. (Optional) Change the posting date

4. Select Item you want to apply a discount to

5. Fill in percentage rate and reason for a discount

6. Press Apply discount

Useful tip - activate Required note reason for adding items with negative price user right for users who can post negative items. This will allow you to track reasons for allowing the hotel revenue.

Reason appears on reservation detail only, on final invoice will not appear.