Night audit in the HotelTime application runs automatically at an agreed time of the day. 

This time is usually anywhere between 12 am or 5 am of the local time. To request change of the night audit, please contact the support via email from the address of a contract signatory.

What is the purpose of the night audit?

Hotel business 'rolls' daily, which means a few essential things:

- in practice, the hotel day is not from 12 am until 12 am the next day. Hotels need to perform various reconciliations, audits, post additional charges at respective outlets( such as restaurant even after midnight) or we need to check-in late arrivals physically after midnight but in the system, they will be accounted for as arrival on a previous date (a business day that is still running)

- this period between midnight and night audit enables to record the data into the correct business day

What happens during the night audit?

- account items for that particular business date populate Revenue centre analysis and other reports

- the system generates other reports such as Management overview

- system could send you Manager report by email.

- reservation details for that business date are locked for any changes (to maintain consistency between reservation data and reports) 

- if there are any active settings, such as automatic cancellation non-arrival reservations, they are executed during the night audit

- if you have set-up reports that are sent to you via email (such as Manager report), these reports are generated after night audit and sent to designated emails at an agreed time. In case you interested to review report, you could receive, please, contact your sales manager.

Useful tip: If you want to make sure, in the system will not be unvalid reservations as no-show or optional reservations, you can set up system for delete all unvalid reservations. 

Your customer support agent will help you, contact us.