See also the inventory videoguide here:

Inventory allows to manage and keep records of hotel inventory in the HotelTime system, such as extra beds, cots, etc.

First we need to set up the inventory, we do this via Settings - Application - Inventory. Here we simply enter the name and the available number of items. In order to set up the inventory, we need to have the Inventory - Definition user permission. You can check the user rights via Settings - User rights - Edit user rights.

Directly in the reservation at the room level, we have the option of entering inventory in the menu.

Once the inventory is entered, a new overview section will be added to the reservation and room detail.

I can edit or delete the entered inventory again from the room menu or from the Inventory menu in the room detail. To enter and edit inventory, you also need a special user right Inventory - Add to room reservation. 

The system also checks whether the quantity limit of the inventory item is not exceeded. For example, if I have only 5 extra beds, the system will warn me when I exceed the limit.

I can save the Inventory even if the limit is exceeded, but for that I need another user right Inventory - Overbook. 

For a graphical overview of the inventory, go to the menu Reception - Inventory - usage overview (or menu Front desk - Inventory - Usage overview). I can filter for a specific inventory item, or view all of them. The yellow highlighted row shows the last available item, the red ones are overbooked. 

The colors of the inventory reservations respect the colouring settings of the room plan. For easier differentiation, confirmed and provisional reservations with inventory are shown in yellow for day-use and transparent blue for accompany bookings. Overbook is always red.

A day by day report can be found in the menu Front desk - Inventory - day.

In the menu Front desk - Arrivals/Departures reports, Room assignment, Housekeeping report and Overviews - In-house guests report, a pictogram is displayed next to the reservation with inventory, which will show details of the entered inventory after clicking on it. The same pictogram will also appear in Edit rooms and Edit room screen. 

The pictogram is also displayed in the Reservations - Reservation search by reports. It is now also possible to search for reservations by inventory. 

When moving a room, exchanging a room, and when using the drag & drop function in the room plan, the system warns that you are working with a room with an inventory item assigned.

Inventory items are always deducted from availability for the first days of the stay. The day of departure is therefore not counted.