The proforma invoice does not serve as a tax document. Based on the Proforma Invoice, the customer pays the deposit before the stay takes place. Once the hotel accepts the payment, it issues a Deposit invoice, which can also be created directly from the booking. To create both documents, the appropriate user permission is required.

Procedure for creating Proforma Invoice:

1. from the reservation detail in the Issued bills section, select Menu,

2. click Insert proforma invoice,

3. fill in the amount for the payment prescription - Amount and the prescribed method of payment - Payment book

4. Finish by clicking Save.

The proforma invoice is created without the payment inserted, it is only a prescription for payment, on the basis of this document the customer will pay the advance.

If necessary, the preset values can be edited - e.g. the maturity if you provide the client with a different one than the preset one, or e.g. the amount paid can be changed to a percentage of the total value.

TIP: You can define some items such as the pre-filled maturity, description, service or expected payment type in Settings -> Application -> Main system-set-up -> tab Accounts and documents. If necessary, you can edit the preset values - for example, you can change the amount paid to a percentage of the total value.