HotelTime offers the possibility of online check-in before the guest's arrival, this feature will facilitate and speed up the check-in process on the arrival of guests. The link to the online check-in can be easily generated directly in the reservation detail and is also a part of the E-concierge module, which also allows the link to the online check-in to be automatically sent to the guest's email directly via HotelTime.

Customize the online check-in to your needs, the application settings are individual and the following parameters can be specified:

  • How many days before arrival can the online check-in be filled out.
  • What information about the guest will be mandatory and what will be optional - or it is possible to hide some data.
  • Look of the application for online check-in - background photos, hotel logo, hotel photos and hotel information.
  • How many days before arrival we will send an email with a link to online check-in.
  • Look of automatically sent email - within the e-concierge module we offer a simple HTML template in which you can change the logo / image in the header and the text of the email. Alternatively, you can use your own HTML template with a link to online check-in.
  • Language versions of the application: we currently offer CZ and EN.

Don't have online check-in active yet?

If you are interested in online check-in, contact a sales representative for your company, who will create a price offer for you.

I already have online check-in active, how do I generate a link from the reservation?

If you already have online check-in active, a link to the application can be easily generated directly from the reservation detail.

Look of the online check-in app

What happens after the guest details are filled in?

After filling in and saving the guest data, the information is automatically saved directly in HotelTime (guest profiles). The subsequent arrival of the guest and check-in is thus considerably accelerated and there is no need to fill in the registration cards at the reception desk.

The online check-in application is also adapted for display on mobile devices - the guest can fill in, for example, on the way to the hotel just before accommodation.