Possible systems outage

Dear customers,

we would like to inform you about the following planned activities in Data Center scheduled for 05.12.2019  between 02:00 and 02:30 (CET UTC+1 ). We do not expect systems outage during this activities, however you might notice there will be short-time breaks.

Prague (Czechia) 5.12.2019, 02:00:00 CET UTC+1 hour

London (United Kingdom - England) 5.12.2019, 01:00:00 GMT UTC

Bangkok (Thailand) 5.12.2019, 08:00:00 ICT UTC+7 hours

Colombo (Sri Lanka) 5.12.2019, 06:30:00 IST UTC+5:30 hours

Nairobi (Kenya) 5.12.2019, 04:00:00 EAT UTC+3 hours

Dubai (United Arab Emirates - Dubai) 5.12.2019, 05:00:00 GST UTC+4 hours

Thank you for understanding,

Customer support team

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