2.9.9 Vento release of new version

We would like to inform you, new version of Vento was just released with these updates:

  • The return from the receipt is now automatically filled in according to the original receipt, saving you a few clicks.
  • It is now possible to set more types of payments to HotelTime - this will be appreciated mainly by hotel chains and accountants.
  • When splitting the account, you can now also use the payment terminal.
  • Banquets now allow you to select a stock document category to create a sales
  • We have added a new system command for tills - Show permanent accounts on screens and it is possible to add a button to a permanent account directly on the till.
  • We have launched a two-phase stock release, which will allow target stock confirmation of the movement.
  • We have added a whole set of other settings for accounting, including sequences of documents.
  • The Production Order has also been added to the system, which will include partial own production of products or stock items.

We wish you wonderful end of the year!

HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS customer support department

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