2.9.10 Vento new version

Hi there,

you know us, we never give up. Here is your new version 2.9.10, which will be released very soon. 

1. We add new sequence settings of stock documents and receipts.

We also add an option to insert a shortcut for the year in the format of the sequences % Y% -> 1,% YY% -> 21,% YYYY% -> 2021. The shortcut will change automatically according to the calendar year, so you will avoid unnecessary manual editing. 

2. New types of payments (EPOS, Clubspire, External system) are appearing in the VAT report.

This year is the right time to start with Breakfast and Banqueting modul, don't you think?

It is the easiest way in stock evidence of breakfast, buffets and coffee breaks. You can set up templates for each type and use them very quickly in new event. Just one click to update your stock amount.

Have a look on video, how easy it is :) https://www.loom.com/share/efb9c15b35ef46b0adc215b0abfc5177

Do you need help? Let's jump with us on live chat.

We wish you good luck in 2021 and stay tunned! 


Customer support department team

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