HT new version 4.3.0

New version will be released on Thursday 23.01.2020.

Here are new features:

  • Online Check-in API was extended of InhouseReservationList
  • New user right to edit the gift voucher number
  • File upload to reservation has been allowed for these types of documents PDF, JPG, PNG, DOCX, DOC, XLS, XLSX, maximum size 1MB / file
  • CRM module enabled SSL (STARTTLS)
  • New RMS price list synchronization - Atomize partner
  • Multi-property manager report job
  • Set your own Arrival report - from now on, you can choose columns, which appears in Arrivals
  • Room Note, seller and number of guest visits appear now in Arrivals
  • History of guest visits in Profile 


  • Fixed deleting user tasks in CRM module
  • Fixed file upload to Outlets


Canceling CRM campaigns (definition + sending), only CRM category definition remains.

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New version will be released on Monday 27.01.2020, thank you for understanding.

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