4.3.1 new version HotelTime

The new version will be released on Thursday 20.02.2020 around 12:00 (CET).

New features:

Manager report in progress

- new graphic design

- the report has been expanded to include the % occupancy rate, including out of order rooms

- now you can customize the appearance and possibly turn off the section from the view - customer support will help you to customize you report

- email contains the report as an HTML attachment

New Multiproperty manager report will show you whole chain at one place

We added new TRevPar and TRevPab values in reports

Stock overview can be prined out or exported in MS Excel

Payment gateway: Support of CHM virtual cards

We connect with our new partner Total processing

In the Occupancy Analysis we have shown the occupancy rate, including out of order rooms, and added TRevPar, TRevPab

When you apply discounts, the note will also appear for items on open account detail.


When searching for departure dates, the filters displayed instead of Departure date Arrival date - has been fixed :)

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