4.3.2 HotelTime new version

The new version has been released.

Online payments:

  • New user rights on Online Payments category: Return credit card pre-authorization, Delete registration payments, Credit card refunds.
  • In the Reservation Detail and the Room Detail with the display of external payments is open possibility to Refund payment.
  • Canceling Deposit invoice with external (on-line) payments can be returned from the list: Existing external payments

Other features

  • Mealplan by room show you notes: reservation note, room note and a guest profile note.

  • If you want to cancel items on open hotel account - you can cancel them for today and future revenue. Thank you for our customer feedback!


Management overview export to MS Excel and total number of persons fixed.

Tasklist are reflecting now time zones from the system settings.

Paymaster user log fixed - there were old user names.

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