4.3.4 HotelTime new version

Today at 12:00 (CET+1) we will release a new version of HotelTime 4.3.4, which includes:

New features:

In invoice attachement we add a list of guests. This also applies to billing from PayMasters.

We have modified the connection to PBX so that calls that do not have an account are included in Lost interface. We also add synchronization to the RMS system on minibar items.

We also introduce a new report called Phone Calls - tab of the main menu Front desk - Overviews.

We have added the ability to filter reservation requests as well.

And we are adding new user rights to edit seller in external booking.


Based on customer requests, we returned the possibility to transfer payments to the accounting report on POS closure transfer. We apologize for the inconvenience from 30.03.2020 approx. 17:00 to today 02.04.2020 approx.

In Lost interface report we have modified the status of the unloaded items like Pending and copied the room ID.

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