4.3.5 HotelTime new version

New version of HotelTime 4.3.5 will be released today. Estimated release time is 12:00 (CET +1)

New feauters:

From now you can linked Deposit invoice to multiple reservations, so that means, you can apply Deposit amount to multiple invoices.

In the RateCode it is not possible to change the setting "Prices without VAT", if there are reservations with this RC in the future.

We have modified the Accounting report to filter the date of the items on the invoices - so it will be possible to distribute the sales between months . So if you don't export to accounting software, the feature will make it easier for you to work with posting and expressing revenue in a month.

In the accounting report, we canceled the displayed currencies for each document number, we moved it to the report header.

Exporting deleted reservations to MS Excel now displays the amount as a number and a currency column to make it easier to work with items in MS Excel.


In the Accounting report, we have corrected text alignment.

While adding the item on account, the VAT on the item was restored after the user was notified, thank you to our customers who have notified us.

New movement in the Cashbook and saving the transaction did not reload the whole page.

Take care,

HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS customer support department

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