4.3.10 HotelTime new version

On the 20th of August (this Thursday) we will release new HotelTime version 4.3.10

There are few important upcoming changes:

1. New system settings for guest hotel accounts

One of important changes in the system, which offer settings of guest hotel accounts in selected currency.

There is a new option in the system settings to choose currency for guest open hotel accounts. You can simply choose from these options - in your primary or secondary currency or you can leave your current settings by reservation currency.

System can open guest account at the room in different currency than it is in reservation account. 

Please note, system will not open all guest accounts automaticly. Up to best practise, there is no need to open guest account by the individual reservations. Contrariwise in group reservations, there should be prefered guests accounts. When you will tick in reservation detail "IFC - prefere guest bills", system will automaticly open all existing guest accounts by Check-in.

2. Document Split function

In invoice editing, it is now possible to split a document into several documents. The functionality is released in a new version and is available to users with the user right "Splitting invoice".

Users can split only unpaid invoices. You can divide it into several invoices. This feature allow you to divide invoices in half between guest or divide a part of item. Very importat: This operation can not be undone.

3. Concierge dashboard

4. We cancel the setting of RateCodes on the Kiosk API, we move the exact ones to the system settings. We have expanded KioskAPI with information to include booking details such as source, segment, OTA prepayment and virtual cards.

5. Editing the Virtual Card report and resolving paymentconversions (payment is always in EUR) and DPP payment in the booking currency.

6. SiteMinder bookings will reflect the first quest on the room - response to a new flag sent from SiteMinder.

Have a great time and keep safe!

HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS customer support department

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