2.0.10 Libero new version

As part of the new version of Libero, we have release new updates:

We implemented in real operation Access / tariffing system that will appreciate mainly aqua parks, wellness centers, saunas or swimming pools. 

- easy access by bracelet -  touch and go

- possibility to set the timing of entries into the zones, including tariffing for exceeding the entry limit

- coding bracelet for entrances / massages

- search for entry / reservation by reading the bracelet

- display of the number / code of bracelets in the Libero system 

Other updates are:

1. Searching for a specific tax document number from the menu using its number.

2. We have improved the appearance of the reservation list.

3. The VAT Report has been modified, where external payments, such as sending to a hotel account, have been disconnected.

4. New interface to Vento (ePOS) and Libero has been added - it is now possible to send bills from Venta to Libero's reservation account. Therefore, all consumption can be sent to the guest's account in Libero.

5. It is now possible to create your own sequences for reservations and cashier movements.

6. It is now possible to connect more HotelTime applications to Libero. The chains will welcome the possibility to use deposit payments from HotelTime app in Libero. This is also related to the multiple connection of Libero to HotelTime. It is now possible to connect one Libero application with several HotelTime applications.

7. We have also extended the transfer of revenue to HotelTIme Revenue report and divide revenue per centers and services groups.

Each service can have own revenue center and service group. These groups of services can then be exported separately as part of accounting exports from Libero.

8. Accounting exports from Libero, as well as from Venta and HotelTime, are now enabled and intended for the processing of 3rd party software.

9. We have added the option of a surcharge with a fixed amount.

10. Within the online booking engine, it is possible to choose a therapist.

11. As part of the online booking engine, information on additional services has been added in total price.


We have fixed the title in reservation list.

We fixed the export of reservations to MS Excel.

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