Libero new version - action required

Valued client,

we are sending information about the new version of Libero 2.2.0, which we will released in the week from 16.08.2021.

We announced the new version in advance (see the article with a complete description) and your action is required.

What do we set up automatically for you?

1. Default service for Gift vouchers + new revenue centre Gift Voucher

2. Default service for transport

3. User rights: we will make the invoice book available for the reception and for management in addition the setting account document series.

Action required on your end?

1. Check the settings above, or adjust the default services, VAT in the list of services, or limits due.

You can adjust the services in the tab of the main menu Settings - Products and prices - Additional product and services

2. Set the numerical series of documents (a new Document for received payment, Invoice, Corrective tax document is created) and the number of the next created document.

In the main menu tab Settings - System - Account document series

3. Check your payment settings, as it will now be possible to turn off receipt creation for some (especially for your internal payments)

Settings - System - Payment type settings - "Do not create any VAT document" flag

Important to know:

For gift vouchers that were created in the system before the new version release, it will be possible to generate the deposit manually. The option is still available in Gift voucher detail.

The VAT report takes data from 1.1.2021 from new data (previously only reservations, entries and retail sales). By launching the new version, documents for reservations and retail sales are generated automatically.


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