Billing and Accounting new structure in Libero

We are currently completing a new Billing and Accounting module in Libero system.

We convert the entire original billing module into a new one, while retaining its main functions and adding new ones.

What have we added and updated?

1. Settings for accounts and documents

rounding service

the maximum amount for creating an accounts

tax breakdown for gift certificates

time and price certificate services

multi-lingual printing version (cs and en)

2. Setting number sequences

3. A new list of documents with filtering will be available

4. We add a document detail the same way as in HotelTime system

5. Account details are now also displayed by linked documents (reservations, entries, certificates and retail sales)

6. We change gift certificates

upon payment of the certificate, a document will be created (account / invoice)

the certificate is displayed as one item on the final document

when applying for a certificate in reservation, an item with a negative price will be created on the final document and will be reduced for payment.

the certificate used cannot be revoked

7. We have added service revenue centers

8. We have added accounting settings for exporting accounting batches directly from the Libero system for third party use purpose.

What does this mean in practice?

The whole modification is currently in the testing phase and as soon as it is completed, we will include it for release to all our customers. We will announce the release in important updates. Customers who know the HotelTime system will be pleased, because the billing modules of both systems will be very similar.

The use of the system will not change for most customers, it will be possible to use the system as before with small differences, but with great potential for extended work with documents and their export to your accounting system.


HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS customer support team

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