4.3.12 HotelTime new version

We're glad to introduce you to the new updates, that has been released:

From now on is possible to add stockable item on reservation account and paymasters. Stock will be changed on the date of item.

We've extended online card payments with user IDs and other characters. 

The created card number is in the format **** **** **** 1234, payment reference number appears in the transaction format f.e. 8ac7a4a074490e06017449f72b5c7db3. We've added a "Acknowledged" button to your list of failed automatic online payments. 

Housekeeping report simple shows the status of your reservation in real time. Print report out every morning to your housekeepers.

You will find there new room status "Refresh". This status is displayed if the room is clean but the room was long time empty. If the room has this status, it is not included in the linen change.

We fixed the email searching when making a reservation.

We wish you all best,

HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS customer support department

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