4.3.13 HotelTime new version

Take a look at the upcoming updates in the HotelTime system, which we will be released this Thursday:

Dashboard = Great overview

Dashboard in the system will be displayed after logging in, unless you have set another default page. On the dashboard you will find an up-to-date overview, including Hotel status, tasks, arrivals, departures and much more. The data are updated at regular intervals. Dashboard will provide everything at one place. Watch a short video here.

It will now be possible to change the payment type of the Deposit invoice.

Therefore, you will not have to cancel the document and issue it again, it is enough to cancel the payment and insert the new one correctly. Such a change in payment will be possible on unsettled Deposits on the final invoice.

We have added the option to filter the reservation source to the Combined forecast.

We add the ability to export detailed Guest Ledger to MS Excel.

We are also preparing printing of all connected consumptions in PDF format. These are all consumptions on the account detail.

For the Thai market, we are adding a change in the calculation of the tax base + service charge in the Accounting report.

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