4.3.14 HotelTime new version

Introducing you new version HotelTime 4.3.14 release today:

New updates:

We have added the possibility to change the reservation owner of Outlet reservation.

In the Billing section, we add the option of a partial refund of the amount paid by online card (refund). A partial refund can be only made by card payment. Therefor we add additional user right.  In cases where the full amount would not be recovered and at the same time outstanding funds would remain (no invoice was created for them), it will be possible to find such a transaction in the list of Unallocated Payments. Checking this list needs to be incorporated into your operations.

Check out for new filters of source and meal plan in Arrival report. You can add source and meal columns and filter data by source.

In the Occupancy Analysis,you will find new feature to summarize data by revenue center type. The same way as in Manager report. Very fast overview of hotel performance in few second.

Stay tuned!

HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS customer support department

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