4.3.19 HotelTime new version

Valued client,

this week we will release a new version of the HotelTime system, which includes the following updates:

  • in all invoice books, which you will find in the tab of the main menu Accounting -  we are adding the columns VAT base and VAT
  • we also compare the columns in the Deposit and GC ledger report so that the structure is the same as in other reports
  • we are adding the option of setting the default language version of printing documents from books - 
  • online check-in form is now available also in Thai language
  • we have implemented a new partner for lock and door system ADEL in Thailand

Fixed bugs:

  • cancellation of documents from the previous year - the return is made from the cashier of the current year.

Now is the best time to renew and revise operating procedures. Are you affraid that innovation is too technically complicated? So believe me, it's just the opposite. Customer support or the implementation department helps you with the deployment of innovations in your hotel. Many of them can be deployed in a few days and do not require any special technical knowledge.

We choose the following innovations for you:

Concierge module and online check-in form - automatic sending of emails to guests before arrival, after check-in, after departure. And especially online check-in before the arrival of the guest.

Housekeeping Application - An application for housekeepers on mobile device. The housekeeper enters information into the application and it is immediately available at the Front Desk.

Kiosks - a panel at the reception, which you offer as an alternative to the contactless reception.

Contact your sales representative for more information. Don't know who is your sales representative ? Ask support for contact details.

Do you feel that you could use the HotelTime system more and want advice on what could be improved? That is why we are here and we will be happy to go through the settings with you and recommend changes. 

Consultants who have 60-minute consultation blocks open for you:

Aleš Košnar, Junior support specialist

Jana Chloupková, Customer support specialist

Martina Duřtová, Customer support manager


Greetings from the HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS customer support team!

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