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Valued customers,

over the past year we have developed a huge batch of new features, that you can start using immediately to support your business. There are a lot of extraordinary features, that you might be interested in. Let us name a few of them:

Housekeeping app - free of charge mobile application for your housekeepers. Contact customer support, we'd love to help you set your housekeeping app.

Guest history - free of charge history of visits and revenue.  Contact customer support, we'd love to help you.

Crosslogin between our products.

and much more...

IMPORTANT The EU has presented a plan to deploy vaccination passports (the so-called Green Pass) for the summer season of 2021. The vaccination passport will be used to demonstrate recovery from COVID-19 or vaccination and negative test. Such a certificate then entitles to free movement within the EU. UK and Thailand is planning to deploy quite similar kind of certificate and we expect other countries will follow globally. It is still not clear, how governments will reflect these changes in autonomy traveling tourism. It is highly recommended to follow your local authorities and their instructions, please share with us new local guidelines to help you set your HotelTime.

It is already possible to create a vaccination certificate for the guest in the system. Such a document will have its number as well as its expiry date. It is also reflected in the report of the Foreign nationals report. It is also possible to add information to your Registration Card, which you pass on to the guest on arrival. Take a look on video record here -

We would also like to remind you that the forced password change will take place in the near future. Don't underestimate the importance of changing your password from time to time. Although it can be inconvenient and it takes a while to get used to the new password, it significantly increases your security. And not only at work, but also in private life. Changing the password is generally recommended, for example, for your email or other accesses with your personal data.

Finally TOP update, that is on the way to your HotelTime. Very soon we will launch new Room Plan design with Drag & Drop feature and much more.


HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS customer support department

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