UK - VAT rate change is done

Valued Clients,


new VAT rate 12.5% will be effective from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022. We just finished VAT rate change for all our customers using HotelTime version 4 and higher.

Changes that has been done:

1. accommodation VAT rate settings 5% -> 12,5%, all future service from the 1 of October were recalculated to 12,5% VAT.

2. hotel services settings  5% -> 12,5%, all future services  from the 1 of October were recalculated to 12,5% VAT. 

3. meal plan settings   5% -> 12,5%,  all future meal plan revenue  from the 1 of October was recalculated to 12,5% VAT. 

Please note, if there are any additional VAT settings in RateCodes, you should change it manually - check out the video here.

If you are on the HotelTime version 3.5.0, we already sent you several email invitation to upgrade. It is highly recommended to upgrade your HotelTime as soon as possible. Contact customer support department on usual places to move your data with us to newest version Hoteltime 4. All customer using HotelTIme 3.5.0 should change VAT rate in future reservation manually - check out the video here.

VAT rate change source - GOV UK: 

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Customer support department HOTELITME SOLUTIONS

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