4.4.6 HotelTime, Customer success program

Finally 4Q 2021 is here and with it the end of this dynamic year.

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The HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS customer support team has launched Customer success program, which is available to all our customers free of charge. The Customer success program will help you mine from our products as much as you can to support your business with no additional cost. HotelTime is constantly developing new features, so there is a lot of new features available at this moment, ready to use. Our Product specialist will perform a detailed analysis and recommend you new tricks and tips that have become a native part of the system. 

Join to Customer success program here - http://eepurl.com/gdgRlP

HotelTime 4.4.6 was released today and it contains:

We improved editation of the reservation.  In addition, you can edit the rooms in bulk. It is now also possible to preview what the account will look like after saving the values. 

Room assignment - new filters are available to sort the rooms. You can easily filter the date of arrival, departure, room type, but also the source, segment, agent etc. Combine it with the groups of rooms, that you most often use to divide floors or parts of buildings.

Pop-up notes - you can now add notes for the room or the entire reservation and choose the time when the note should be displayed (check-in, stay, check-out). Because we added new user rights, enable them in User rights section "Pop-up notes" and subright "Edit". Please contact your Access Manager. 

New type of reservation - block such a reservation does not block the real hotel occupancy and it is very useful for MICE. Once the block is confirmed, you simply flip the reservation into a confirmed reservation. You can enable blocks just like other types of reservations (Day-use, Accompany) directly in the RateCode settings.

The Account Recievable (AR) flag is a new system setting (in the tab Accounts and documents - Check subject AR) that works as restriction to settle reservation without payment. 

Rooming list download / import - is another fantastic feature in the reservation menu. For large groups, you can download the Rooming list in MS Excel, send it to partner and let him fill it in. System allows you to upload document back and keep it. When the final version is uploaded, you can easy click to transform rooming list to guests accounts.


In the Housekeeping application, we fixed page scrolling down, which did not work properly on some types of mobile devices.

We fixed individual prices on the feature Add room.

As usual, also this year we joined to HotelTechReport Awards - it would be great, if you can rate our products on this link https://hoteltechreport.com/write-a-review/hoteltime-solutions

We wish you a successful end of the year 2021,

HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS customer support team

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