HotelTime new version 4.5.3

Dear customer,

The Customer Success program starts right now. Thank you to everyone who took advantage of the registration option. We will start contacting registered users and together we plan an 1-hour consultation, which is free.

Haven't registered yet? You can register at this link:

A description of the Customer Success Program can be found here. You will also find instructions on what to do if the consultation does not suit you or you need to reschedule it.

The new version of HotelTime 4.5.1 is here and we are bringing more details:

New Group Bookings

The old overview of the Room types plan deserves more attention, don't you think? So we devoted a lot of time to them and created an overview in the same format as the Room plan. Because there was a lot of information on the site and it was also confusing, we moved the room statistics and occupancy report by days to a separate report.

Please find a quick overview of new group bookings here -

We will also include the Outlet plan very soon. We will gradually release new plans to our customers. Releasing new plans does not require any of your cooperation and will be done automatically.

New reports Deposit journal and Deposit to use

A new report that shows you Deposit to a particular date. You can easily check, what was the amount to the choosen date or to see all the operations with Deposite invoices. Both of them you can find in Accounting tab - Oveviews.

New features and bugfixes:

  • We add to the system the ability to set charges per room type and day that are currently used by, for example, the United Arab Emirates.
  • The new overview of guest arrivals in MS Excel can well serve your partner for an overview of guests who have, for example, free access to wellness or other special benefits. You can find it in the Arrival report - the right toolbar of Export guests.
  • The correction of the Forecast to MS Excel and the display of occupancy with a decimal point is completed.
  • We also fixed pop-up windows. When trying to save the data in the pop-up window, the system turned grey and the values could not be corrected. 

The HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS support team wishes you a lovely springtime!

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