4.5.9 HotelTime new version

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HotelTime connects with ADYEN

Adyen is a payment platform that provides a modern end-to-end infrastructure connecting directly to Visa, Mastercard and consumers’ globally preferred payment methods. The integration between HotelTime Solutions and Adyen will ensure an affordable payment solution and more efficient and comprehensive functioning of the HotelTime Payments service. 

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Next week we scheduled releasing a new version of HotelTime 4.5.9, in which you will find the following system updates:

Surcharges for accommodation

Now it is possible to set the amount of the supplement to the accommodation price per day for meals, fees, packages and the room as such. The surcharge impacts reservation by creating or editing. You can also apply surcharges to individual prices.

As always, customer support will help with the settings, which can best advise how to set the price in the system.

Data push notification in case of errors

For data push on reservations, we applied for any reason, when it is impossible to deliver or save the data to the target location, the exports will automatically stop. When this happens, a notification email is sent to the technical contact of your property. Once the obstacle is solved, customer support will reactivate data exports at your request.

You can set up a technical notification email with customer support via live chat in your HotelTime. At the same time, we gradually add emails for technical notifications to all our customers.

Live chat in your HotelTime:

Other updates:

We have implemented a new way and graphics of displaying messages/warnings in the system.

The new currency "Singapore Dollar" is now in Exchange.

Day-use reservations can now be disabled in the filter of the Occupancy by Nationality report.

The Arrival report now displays information on how many occupants there are in the room compared to the number reserved. The differences are highlighted in red. 

Finally some bugfixes:

From now on users can create a reservation from the block just once.

It is now possible to add an individual price to Day-use reservations when creating the reservation.

And that's it!

We hope we brought you some practical and helpful information.

Wishing you a great end of 3Q


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