LAST CALL - HotelTime 3.5.0 terminates soon

Valued customer,

we want to remind you that HotelTime version 3.5.0 will be terminated on Dec 31, 22. Termination means, from the beginning of the year 2023, you will not be able to log in to this application HT 3.5.0 or get any data from it.

While upgrading your version to HotelTime 4 and higher, most of your data migrated to your new HotelTime 4 version. However, we still recommend you download data from version 3.5.0 if you need to keep any other - for instance: the directory, the list of reservations, invoices, bills etc. Use MS Excel exports or contact us to send you an export of the directory - Submit a ticket : Customer support zone (

Thank you for understanding,

HT Customer support team

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