4.5.13 HotelTime new version

Welcome to the new year 2023, and let us wish you the best possible start. We have not been idle and we are here again with a batch of new systems updates. There is much more; welcome to our HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS' new logos and website.

Last week we released a new version of HotelTime that includes the following features:

  • We have added a new user right for editing the text before prices, even for exported documents. 
  • The current day is newly highlighted in the "Room Type Occupancy Overview" report.
  • You can now access the history of operations from the document's detail.
  • To synchronize prices with the ChannelManager System, it is possible to specify which RateCodes will be synchronized. Customers connected to RMS systems will most appreciate this adjustment when they synchronize only one price list. It will save a lot of time for further work in the ChannelManagerSystem and distribution of prices.
  • It is now possible to deactivate pairing symbols on invoices and bills.
  • We add the possibility of setting "snacks" to the breakdown of the meal plan.
  • The Mealplan report then allows you to filter the types of meals according to their breakdown. So you can easily find out in the meal plan report by room whether the board includes breakfast, lunch, or dinner on a specific day.


Editing of the price in the term is now available.

Room type editing when connected to RMS is available again.

Need help getting through our edits, or are they too technical? Contact our Customer Success department, who will help you design news for your operation free of charge and arrange the setup. We are constantly ensuring you have the latest innovations. One such significant innovation is Online payments in the system. This solution provided by our partner ADYEN saves tremendous time on operations and significantly reduces user errors. Contact us for further details on success@hoteltime.com


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