Microsoft AZURE outage - possible problem with reservation delivery

Dear customers,

We register Microsoft AZURE outages, which cause the suspension of the reservations delivery to the HotelTime system. We are monitoring the situation and waiting for Microsoft to fix the problems.

The outage started at 8 a.m. (CET), Jan, 25.

Impact of the outage: slowing down or completely suspending the delivery of reservations, including payment card data.

You can monitor the current status of Microsoft AZURE here:

Once the problem is fixed, all reservations that were queued and waiting for delivery will be automatically delivered. So now we just recommend monitoring the status of sales and available rooms to avoid possible overbooking. You can track them directly in the extranet of your Channel Manager system, where you can usually find the delivery status of the reservations ("delivered" = the reservation is delivered to HotelTime PMS, "pending" the reservation is waiting for delivery).

HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS customer support

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