4.5.16 HotelTime new version

Dear customers,

Tomorrow we will release a new version of HotelTime 4.5.16 in which you will find the following updates:

We are still developing the E-Concierge module; the changes mainly concern the Concierge dashboard, where we edit PostCheck-in statistics.

The guest can unsubscribe in the footer of the email campaign. If he does so for a birthday congrats; the other campaigns, such as PreStay, PostStay, etc., will still receive.

As part of the communication with the ATOMIZE partner, we stop sending information about "Block" type reservations, which do not block capacity and are therefore irrelevant for this purpose of communication.

We are removing the "Communications" tab from the detail of the citizen and company card in the directory, which was previously used as a manual communication list.

For BookingStatusPush services (regular exports of reservation data from the system), we are adding the option to export "Accounts Centres summary". For more information on data exports from the system, please do not hesitate to contact us at the usual place.


The amount remaining to be paid will no longer be displayed in the Check-in and Check-out lists if the reservation is fully paid.

In the list of user rights, we added the names of missing user rights.

In connection with the release of this version, which contains several other technical modifications, please expect possible short-term unavailability of the application on Thursday, 3/16/2023, which should be, at most several minutes. If data is displayed incorrectly on the page (app page appearance), we recommend checking your internet browser to see if it uses the most current version and recommended settings. It is possible to erase browsing history and cookies that could cause problems.

Thank you and we wish you a pleasant use of the system!


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