4.5.17 HotelTime new version

We are here with a new version of HotelTime 4.5.17, which we will release tomorrow.

Change and extension of online payment settings

Following our customers' suggestions, we are adding to the settings the possibility of performing an online payment operation (withdrawal of money or pre-authorization) for the arrival day. There is no action required from your side.


We are adding "Download now" - it will make the payment right after the reservation is made.

Change "Download 0 days before arrival" - makes the payment on the arrival day of the reservation.

Don't know how to set it up? Contact us in the usual places here.

New dashboards - Concierge and Billing dashboard

We are adding new dashboards to the system for a quick overview of the activities of your Concierge module and online payments. For more information, see the description on the customer portal for the Concierge dashboard and Billing dashboard.

Other features in the new version are:

  • We are adding a new overview of how much inventory is left in the Hotel Inventory.
  • We add the "Nights" column to the deleted reservations report + below the filtered reservations list and the "Total" section, as it is in other parts of the system.


The display of the amount "to be paid" in the Arrivals and Departures reports is now fixed.

We wish you a lovely Easter!


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